9 Best Places for Sweeping Seattle

Seattle’s beauty consistently inspires awe in seasoned and newbie travelers alike. The Emerald City is surrounded on the east and west by majestic mountains and bodies of water.

Whether you’re searching for breathtaking sunsets, Puget Sound panoramas, crystal clear mountain vistas, or the most Instagram-worthy shots of the skyline, Seattle will deliver.

Best Spots for Beautiful Seattle Views

The Space Needle stands tall in the foreground, flanked by downtown and South Lake Union skyscrapers with the stadiums and Beacon Hill beyond. 

Kerry Park

On one end of the boat, you’ll have a clear view of the waterfront with the Great Wheel, Seattle Aquarium, and the Columbia Tower rising behind.

The Seattle Ferries + Water Taxi

Another classic, the Space Needle is a great place to get a 360-degree view of the city and beyond.

Space Needle

This clean and pretty beach up in north Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is perfect for those who want some of the best of Seattle’s mountain and water views.

Golden Gardens Beach Park

From each spot, you’ll capture a slightly different angle of the mountains, the sound, and the buildings of the waterfront area.

Downtown Waterfront

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