11 Best Restaurants in Spokane

Spokane’s burgeoning food scene is finally forging its own identity in the PNW. Every year, there are waves of new restaurants bringing fresh flavors to town.

There are also long-established restaurants that are maintaining popularity by adapting with the times, being inventive and keeping diners hungry for more.

We have compiled a list of 11 must-try restaurants with a variety of cuisines, settings and price ranges, but the one thing they all have in common is excellent food and great service.

Since opening in 2014, Ruins has been a Spokane staple. The restaurant has been featured on Food Network and Chef Owner, Tony Brown, is a 2023 semi-finalist for James Beard’s Best Chef: Northwest and Pacific.


The unassuming building hosts a cozy dining room with a large, brightly-painted mural on the wall and an open kitchen. In the summer, there is extra seating on the pet-friendly patio.


When you enter the front door, you’ll be greeted by the blue-tiled, wood-fired oven that is baking the neo-Neapolitan-style pizzas to perfection.

Wooden City

In the seven years since opening, both the restaurant and White have been the recipients of high acclaim and awards; including multiple nominations from the James Beard Foundation.

Zona Blanca

This year, 2023, marks Luna’s 30th year of being one of Spokane’s most beloved establishments. The longevity of the restaurant is reflected in the ownership and staff.


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