Spokane’s Best Pizza: Where to Find it and What to Order

What makes the best pizza in Spokane, anyway? There are a couple of points for me that are of the utmost importance when considering the quality of pizza that I’m hoping for.

A wood-fired oven categorically makes the best crispy bottom crust with that nice leoparding and top-shelf local ingredients for sauce, cheese, and toppings.

There is so much nuance that goes into a perfect pie, and I’ll try to outline those for you to help you feel like you understand what is expected at each of these unique eateries.

Their pizzas have consistently been at the very top of my list for several reasons. Aside from being obsessed with their absolutely beautiful brick oven with gleaming tiles, I love how cozy this place is.

Piccolo Pizza

A must-visit for the pizza lover and pizza skeptic alike. I have always been fascinated by how great pizza is made and even more by how it translates into a great meal.


A classic New York-style pizza place that prides itself on a perfect dough, house-made sauces, and responsibly sourced ingredients, right down to the flour.

Peace Pie Pizzeria

It has some of the most affordable artisan pizza in town and is in the heart of the charming Perry District. They also have gluten free options, 7” lunch pizzas until 4pm,

South Perry Pizza

Has completely crazy topping combinations that I just can’t get enough of. They have a thick, doughy crust that makes every bite feel decadent.

Embers by the Lake

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