From Splash Pads to Waterfalls: Explore Spokane’s Top Parks

Warmer weather has arrived, and if you’re a mom or even just a human being like me, you are itching like crazy to get out and enjoy this sunshine!

I asked myself, What makes these parks stand out from your usual everyday park? I used to scroll online for hours, being so indecisive about where I would want to go, whether it was the cleanest, the friendliest, the largest, you name it.

I would spend hours fixating on the topic, and we’d run out of time to even go! There are so many choices, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go to.

Known for its vast fields, playgrounds, and large splash pad. This is one of the best parks in Spokane to be this summer!

Orchard Park

There is a nice playground that is well maintained throughout the spring and summer months, as well as a huge playfield perfect for kicking the ball around or shooting some hoops.

Friendship Park

While this is a bit of a drive, Bidwell Park is unique in the fact that it has an aquatics facility with two different water slides as well as a kiddy play area and a splash pad.

Bidwell Park

This hike is only about 2.4 miles long, round trip there and back, and is perfect for little ones who love to explore!

Mystic Falls

The playground is newly updated and brings a whole new style of playing by offering new advanced climbing structures and unique activities like a flat carousel, and a tunnel climber.

Terrace View Park

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