Top 10 Best Mac and Cheese in Spokane, WA

Some people prefer the white, savory, rich cream sauce, mixed with the rich buttery flavors of breadcrumbs, while others prefer the gooey, cheesy, golden mess with a side of Texas Toast. 

But to me, what truly makes a good mac and cheese dish is the time, effort, and care that goes into the process of making each dish so perfect.

The Best Places for Mac and Cheese  in Spokane

Made with an Irish whiskey cream sauce, white Cheddar cheese, corned beef, and roasted red onion. It was a rollercoaster of flavor!

O’Donnell’s Irish Pub 

The overload of sauce made from Gouda and Cheddar cheeses with savory bread crumbs is the perfect combination. To top it all off, it’s also served with warm slices of garlic toast.

The Onion

This mac dish kicks it up a few notches by adding pulled pork and smoked savory brisket over top with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

The Bearded Ginger

This unique mac has a crispy top layer of pepperjack and Cotija cheese, a very flavorful green chili sauce that gives a zesty kick, and some chicken and bacon that adds a nice smokey flavor to it all.

Manito Tap House

This dish was the messiest, cheesiest, gooiest of them all. The cheese stretch went beyond my wildest dreams, and the flavor was just all cheese, a cheese heaven if you will. 

The Black Diamond

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