Activities for College Students Around Spokane

Are you looking for some fun activities to do during your free time in Spokane as a college student? Are you tired of the same places and want to try something different? Look no further!

I always see articles about fun things to do in Spokane for families, kids, or for vacation or traveling to Spokane, but we don’t ever see anything that is specifically catered to the college crowd.

Spokane is an amazing city filled with plenty of exciting things for college students. From outdoor activities to nightlife, Spokane has a lot to offer.

Perfect place to study, catch up with friends and focus on creating artwork. Offers a variety of premium teas, coffees, and a variety of different house-made treats and goodies.


Photo: Lunarium

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, to supply all you late-nighters and early-risers with the sweetest of treats. You will never find yourself bored of their tasty treats.

Donut Parade

A great space for studying or group meet ups. A modern coffee shop that is the perfect place for some peace and quiet, with plenty of seating and lounge chairs.

First Avenue Coffee

A good place to escape if you’re feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated and looking for a break. Play with a cat or enjoy the view from the other side of the window.

Kitty Cantina

There are so many performances happening all over Spokane, at many of the different theaters we have around town such as the: Spokane Civic Theatre, Martin Woldson Fox Theatre, and so much more!

Live Performances and Shows

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