3 Easy and Delicious Vegetable Side Dishes

There are plenty of easy and delicious vegetable side dishes that you can make in no time. These recipes will help you get your daily dose of veggies without sacrificing flavor.

Add these delicious, healthy side dishes to any meal this winter for a tasty boost of nutrition and flavor!

Delicious Vegetarian Side Dishes for the Cold Winter Months

This quick side dish is easy to prepare and so delicious!

Roasted Delicata Squash with Hot Honey, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Pistachio

- Delicata Squash - Goat Cheese - Pistachios - Hot Honey - Avocado Oil - Salt and Black Pepper


This is one of my FAVORITE kale preparations/veggie sides hands down.

Garlicky Creamed Kale

- Kale - Garlic - Parmesan - Red Pepper Flakes - Cooking oil - Salt and Pepper


Salsa Verde doesn’t need to be intimidating…nothing about restaurant quality cooking has to be. It’s all about knowledge and I’m here to share!

Tandoori Spiced Roasted Carrots

- Baby Dill - Parsley - Garlic - Shallot - Orange Zest - Red Wine Vinegar


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