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Beachside Bliss: Packing Tips and Stylish Outfits for a Seabrook Getaway

Recently, I went on a girls trip to Seabrook, WA, and had an absolutely brilliant experience. This trip was in celebration of my friend’s upcoming birthday and it doubled as an early bachelorette party.

Alongside myself and my friend we had three other girls come and stay at Sorry Knot Sorry, the perfect getaway home in Seabrook. This property fit six people and had a hot tub and pool.

As a fashion creator, I also curated some great outfits for the adventure in case you find yourself on the coast this summer too! The key to a successful beach trip is dressing for the environment and bringing lightweight pieces that are easy to travel with. To see my outfits and travel recommendations, keep on reading.

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What to Pack When Traveling to Seabrook, Washington

When traveling to the coast, you will want to bring layers. Roosevelt Beach, the sandy area of the town named after FDR when he visited in the 1930s, is a very windy spot, and while you may have sun, you will still be a bit chilly.

For layers, I recommend lightweight pieces like the blue waffle knit top I brought from Free People. I also like packing sweatshirts like the green piece from Boutique Bleu in Spokane. It’s a great Free People lookalike for a fraction of the price.

Alongside layers, I also recommend leggings and lightweight dusters. My multicolored piece is technically a swimsuit coverup which is a great two-in-one find. Swimsuits are also a great addition to the packing list; they are ideal for the hot tubs and indoor pool in the Seabrook neighborhood. Mine is from Amazon and made me feel confident around my friends.

Finally, I recommend packing a matching set. If it’s lightweight, that is the most ideal because they are easy to both layer with and it’ll easily fit into your luggage. 

As for accessories, I brought chunky clogs that were great for walking around town and going in and out of the hot tub. I also packed lightweight sneakers from Allbirds, which were incredibly comfortable for a hike as well as walking along the beach.

My third shoe choice was my white cowboy boots that went great with a maxi dress, but that wasn’t necessarily a necessity. I did think they were great for the beach since they were tall and didn’t attract sand but this is more of a fad if anything. I would venture to say the clogs and sneakers were more essential and went with all the outfits I packed!

Where to Stay in Seabrook, Washington

I highly recommend staying at Sorry Knot Sorry, a property on the northeast side of Seabrook. Located a mere 10-minute walk from the main strip, this house was perfect for our group of 5. While it’s not the most accessible space, it would be great for a family or a few friends like we had.

On the first level, there was a good-sized kitchen, a half bath, and a couch that doubled as a queen-sized bed. On the second level, we had an in-unit washer and dryer that was a complete godsend. We also had two bedrooms; one with a bunk bed that would be ideal for kids and a king bed complete with two robes in the closet. Outside of the home was a large hot tub and fire pit. 

What to Do in Seabrook, Washington

Once you get to Seabrook, there are so many things to do! From hikes down to the beach or through the forested areas outside of the neighborhood to parks and indoor pools, the activity options are endless. Next to our property, we had a tennis court and in the town center itself, we ate like queens.

For our fellow foodies, we ate delicious Mexican food at Kokos and had the best clam chowder at the Rising Tide Tavern. If you have a sweet tooth like me, give Sweet Life a try. They had a bunch of candies and the best ice cream I’d had in a while.

For those of us who are 21 plus, there was Stowaway Wine Bar with incredible charcuterie and wine. The prices at each place were fair considering, and the staff at each location were very kind. Other tourism options included a candle-making experience, where I made a beach-themed candle and while we didn’t have time for a massage, there was also a spa in town. A giant market was also being built during our trip that would be great for local grocery shopping and cooking at home. Our secret to traveling on a budget was cooking some meals at home! 

Now, if you have more time in the area, I recommend also visiting Ocean Shores, one beach town. They have a fabulous Irish restaurant and unique festivals occurring throughout the summer. You can also pop over to Pacific City, which is moments away from Seabrook. They had a post office, a cute gas station, and a few shopping options.

I hope this helps you prepare for your trip to Seabrook! This coastal getaway is 2.5 hours from Seattle, and while it is a bit on the spendier side, it’s worth the memories and experiences. Whether you are traveling for food or looking to get away in a quiet relaxing area, Seabrook has a little bit for everyone. I am already looking forward to my next trip, that’s for sure! For more Seabrook content and all things PNW lifestyle and fashion, be sure to follow me on social media.

Lauren Trivison

Hi, I’m Lauren Trivison! After graduating from Gonzaga in 2020, I moved back to Olympia to start my own fashion page on Instagram. I also worked at my local Nordstrom where I learned to dress all sorts of women. While the west side was fun, I dearly missed Spokane and I recently moved back to reacquaint myself with the city. Now I share daily outfit and lifestyle posts with my girls online!


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