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5 Best Dog-Friendly Breweries in Seattle

Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the Pacific Northwest. After all, a study in 2011 reported that there were more dogs in Seattle than kids! You’re pretty much guaranteed to see a pup (or two or three) whenever you step outside, so it’s likely that statistic hasn’t changed much. 

Here’s the thing: most places in Seattle are okay with dogs. But if you’re searching for places where your dog will be most warmly welcomed while you have a drink or bite to eat, keep reading. 

This list will cover 5 of the most dog-friendly breweries in Seattle. Some of these spots are dog-centric and with lots of perks for the pups. Others cater more to humans, but the staff and fellow visitors are always happy to see dogs. 

So let’s get into it. Get ready to find a great new go-to spot for you and your dog!

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5 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Seattle

dog-friendly breweries in Seattle

Dogwood Play Park and Bar

Dogwood Play Park and Bar in Lake City is a must-visit if you want your dog to get some socialization or burn off some energy. It’s a dog park-bar hybrid with expansive indoor and outdoor play areas. 

There are separate spots for active or gentle play, so it’s great for both mellow and high-energy pups. Dogs are allowed to roam around off-leash so they can sniff, play and receive as many pats as they please. Both the indoor and outdoor areas have objects like tires, mats, and benches for them to climb on and explore. 

There are plenty of water bowls, a kiddie pool for hot days, and some chew toys. If that wasn’t enough, you can spoil your dog with a treat from the dog bakery. The space is cleaned regularly and dogs are pretty much royalty here.

For human visitors, Dogwood offers beer, cider, and wine so you can sit back and sip while watching your pup play. The food options are limited, but you’re allowed to order or bring in outside food from any of the restaurants nearby.

Dogwood has drop-in rates of $15 per dog. You can also get a membership or punch card if you decide to have regular outings for you and your pup here. Keep in mind that they only allow healthy, vaccinated dogs. You’ll need to fill out your dog’s information online before your first visit.

Dog Yard

Dog Yard in Ballard is another perfect mix of a dog park and a bar. If you want to bring your pooch, you’ll have to pay the $15 fee, but humans get in free. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t have a dog (but loves to be around them), you’ll have a great time at Dog Yard.

Pups are allowed to roam off-leash. There’s plenty of space to play, obstacles to explore, water stations, and adorable areas for photo ops with your pup. Dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations, neutered, and registered in the Dog Yard system before visiting. This helps keep it safe for all dogs.

You’ll be more than satisfied with the food and drink options. There’s a variety of local beers on tap and pub food like pretzels, flatbreads, and, of course, hot dogs. Check out Dog Yard’s website because it hosts breed-specific meet-ups for dog owners to socialize their pooches outside of bar hours.

There’s plenty to keep dogs entertained. Humans can look forward to trivia and the occasional live music performance. The vibe at Dogwood is happy and upbeat. Go here when you or your pup need a bit of cheering up.

Norm’s Kitchen and Bar

Bring your dog to Norm’s Kitchen in Bar in Fremont. It’s a local favorite, and this wonderful, dog-friendly bar in Seattle has great food and drinks for humans and dogs. It’s one of our favorite dog-friendly breweries in Seattle!

The menu includes things like tator tot nachos, brisket mac and cheese, and Philly cheesesteak. And because your pup is just as welcome here as you are, they have fun options for dogs too. Spoil your dog with pig ears, a pupcake, or a chicken bow wow bowl. You can even order them a dog beer. 

Dogs are allowed indoors at Norm’s, but you must make sure they’re leashed and well-behaved. This isn’t a spot for them to run around. Vocal and reactive dogs will likely be asked to leave.

Visit if you have a dog or if you just want to hang out in a place teeming with them. There are always cute pups at Norm’s.

Chuck’s Hop Shop

The first hint that Chuck’s Hop Shop is dog-friendly should be the Polaroids. You’ll find a “dog wall” consisting of pictures of dogs that have visited the shop at all locations. There’s a Chuck’s Hop Shop in the Greenwood, Central District, and Seward Park neighborhoods.

This beer store has a communal, laid-back atmosphere perfect for dog lovers looking for a casual hang-out spot. Dogs are allowed both inside and on the patio as long as they’re well-behaved. Your pups are likely to get lots of positive attention from the staff and fellow visitors. 

Chuck’s Hop Shop always has an extensive tap list of beers from various Pacific Northwest breweries. There are also tons of bottled beers to stock up on when you visit too. Food trucks are outside daily, and Chuck’s has ice cream if you’re craving dessert with your brew. Don’t worry, they usually have a treat for your dog as well.

Come to Chuck’s with your pup, especially if they love people. It’ll be a great experience; they may even end up on the pup wall!

Fremont Brewing

Fremont Brewing is one of Seattle’s most popular breweries and they’re great for the whole family. Of course, that includes your pooch. Come to this brewery on a nice, sunny day. There’s plenty of room to hang out indoors and in the beer garden.

The beers are phenomenal. The tap list changes often. But you can almost always count on them having the Golden Pilsner, Sky Kraken Hazy Pale Ale, and the Lush IPA, which are a few of the core beers. They don’t have food, but they do have free giant bowls of pretzels you can snack on while you sip. A bartender may even offer your pup a treat If they have one.

Spend some leisurely time with your dog at Fremont Brewing where they’ll have plenty of opportunities to say hi to other people. Afterward, you can take them on a walk to the nearby Gasworks Park where they can get some more exercise.

Raise the Woof: Explore Seattle’s Top Dog-Friendly Bars and Breweries with Your Furry Friend

There are so many dog-friendly bars and breweries in Seattle, and these are just a few of the best. Wherever you choose to go, know that you and your dog will be warmly welcomed at any of these places. And if you’re someone who just wants to see a bunch of cute pups, you now know exactly where to go dog-spotting in Seattle.

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