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Find Your Perfect Summer Look with These Trending Swimsuit Styles

Swimsuits can be an incredibly difficult item of clothing to shop for! I know I personally struggle with buying swimsuits that look good on my midsize body and make me feel confident. 

Finding the right swimsuit trends for your body, one that’s stylish and makes you feel and look good, can be quite the challenge, but there are several trends this year that look good on all bodies and focus more on specific colors and textures as opposed to cuts of swimsuits. Below, I’ll share a few options that may not be the most flattering on everyone, but the key is to wear something that makes you feel your best, and it doesn’t matter as much if you don’t look like the beauty standard in the garment. The only standard you should focus on is wearing something that makes you smile in the mirror and carry yourself in a positive way. 

If you’re looking for the top swimsuit trends in 2023, keep reading and make sure to bookmark this article!

The Top Swimsuit Trends for 2023

Neon Green

This year is all about neon green! I see it in loungewear, tops, and of course, swimwear. It’s such a bold color to wear but evokes the brightness of the season. If you are trying this trend out, I would get it at a lower-budget store because I think it’s a color of 2023 and may not have as much staying power as some other choices. 

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Regardless, a neon green swimsuit will add a punch to any outfit, and it compliments both tanned and very light skin tones. The best places to wear this trend will be pool parties, bachelorette parties, and to beach clubs. It has a hint of rave energy since it tends to be so bright and is oftentimes found on smaller swimsuits. 

Tie Details

I love a good tie detail for spring! Current swimsuits are no exception, and they are certainly coming back on swim tops. I’m noticing them on bandeaus and on strapped tops. 

This is a great find for tops in particular because they can really snatch in your bust and make you look your absolute best. Plus, the little bit of fabric is a fun detail and can give even the most simplistic swim bottom a bit of flair. 

swimsuit trends
An example of tie details on a swimsuit

Textured Fabrics

Another fun trend I’m seeing everywhere has been textured fabrics! In particular, a popcorn-like material is trending, as well as ribbed materials. While smooth fabrics will always be around, it can be fun to mix up your swim wardrobe with a texture. They are great for camouflage, especially if you have stretch marks or cellulite, because the texture of the material oftentimes hides any textures on your person. 

Sometimes with smooth fabrics, I feel exposed of all imperfections, and when you are spending a long time near the water, it’s nice not to feel that way. I also find them to be quite comfortable, and fabric textures add a bit of pizazz to an outfit if you wear the swimwear to dinner or a secondary location with street clothes.

Low Back One Pieces

I will always advocate for one-piece swimsuits, especially when they have low backs! This year I am noticing a distance from various cutouts on one pieces, and instead, higher necklines with low backs are being favored. These styles of swimsuits are again great for styling with streetwear and almost double as a bodysuit when traveling. Not only this, but low back one piece swimsuits are incredibly flattering on curvier bodies, and when you opt for a low-back option you veer from looking matronly and instead still look young and trendy. 

swimsuit trends
One pieces are always in style

Light Purple

Another popular color for spring this year has been light purple and lavender. It’s such a seasonal shade and looks gorgeous on a whole host of skin tones. 

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When shopping for a light purple swimsuit, maybe try a bikini or one piece in the shade. It’s easy for making a statement, and I think it would style nicely with light blue denim shorts or under a coverup. I also styled mine with black cowboy boots, and the contrast made for a cool girl outfit that screamed coastal cowgirl, my current fashion obsession. It’s a fun mix of beach wear with Western accessories that create an entire vibe and aesthetic that plays well with multiple springtime trends.

swimsuit trends
Purple is trending in the PNW!


I don’t think you could ever go wrong with florals for spring and on swimsuits. Again when you opt for a print, you are able to camouflage insecurities better, and it feels seasonally appropriate. 

When looking for floral prints, opt for either small-sized flowers or florals that echo Grecian design. There has been a recent Greek revival with white and blue floral prints on swimsuits and dresses, the former working quite well with simple cover-ups and sandals. 

Florals will be a statement, so style them with simple swimsuits that aren’t totally high coverage. Balance will certainly be key in this scenario!

Cross High Waist

Another trend I’m seeing a lot these days is crossed high-waisted swim bottoms. For those of us with a bit of a belly that you may want to hide, try high-waisted bikini bottoms! On one hand, a high waisted swimsuit can feel a bit too high coverage though, so to combat this, find a pair that crosses over top. 

This is a new trend for denim as well as we see a favoring of asymmetrical waistlines compared to the tried and true standard. The key to the most flattering silhouette will be to find something that covers your belly button. You will thank me later!

Pinup Top

To roundup our swimsuit trends, we are seeing a lot more pinup-inspired swim tops, which are swim tops that almost look like bras. Pinup top swimsuits will oftentimes be sized like a bra and will offer support to larger busted women. 

I personally love pinup top suits for their retro feel, and when styled with a high-waisted bottom, you will look like you just came out of a 1950s ad! I think it’s darling and will be a practical choice if you plan to do a lot of swimming this summer.

swimsuit trends
Pin up tops are cute and practical for swimming

The Best Swimsuit is One You Will Wear, So Wear What Makes You Feel Good

I hope these swimsuit trends inspired your summer swimsuit shopping plans! Remember to always have fun with swimsuits – they are just fabric. There is no need to talk negatively about yourself when you are in them, you are beautiful as you are, and as long as you have a body, you have a bikini body! 

Lauren Trivison

Hi, I’m Lauren Trivison! After graduating from Gonzaga in 2020, I moved back to Olympia to start my own fashion page on Instagram. I also worked at my local Nordstrom where I learned to dress all sorts of women. While the west side was fun, I dearly missed Spokane and I recently moved back to reacquaint myself with the city. Now I share daily outfit and lifestyle posts with my girls online!


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