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10 Fall Fashion Trends in the Pacific Northwest

By Lauren Trivison and Kaity Widmyer

It’s officially autumn in the PNW which means fall fashion is here and in full swing! Now, it can be difficult to decide what to wear each day that feels trendy yet true to your personal style. 

Fortunately for you, we gathered the top fall fashion trends in the Pacific Northwest for 2022 and provided examples for how to incorporate them into your daily life. These fall trends are perfect for a fun fall event in the Northwest, or for Oktoberfest events in the Pacific Northwest – but really, you can wear them all season long!

Fall cover model in glitz and glam
Our October cover model, Kaity Widmyer, wearing fashionable PNW fall trends

Fall Fashion Trends in the Pacific Northwest

1. Maxi Is In!

Let those hemlines hit the floor! Maxi dresses and skirts are definitely in for nights out or fall weddings. 

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For a casual take on the trend, style them with combat boots or sneakers. If you want to elevate the look, opt for a pair of heels that barely peep out the bottom. This will help to elongate you overall and avoid becoming swallowed up by fabric!

fall fashion trends in the pnw maxi dresses
Author Lauren Trivison (middle) showcasing fall fashion trends in the PNW along with TNW contributors Bailey and Christine (L-R)

2. Seek Statement Sleeves

Sleeves are the statement, whether you are layering a fitted bodysuit under a tee for a coffee run or opting for something voluminous like a puff sleeve sweater. This trend also works well for the office, just look for big sleeves on your blouses. 

Another great take on this trend are adornments on the sleeves of tops or jackets. Think ties or small jewels!

Read more about what Editor-in-Chief Erin Peterson has to say about sweater weather and the magic of fall in this issue’s Editor’s Letter.

3. Stylish Corsets

Corsets are not for historical paintings! Bring this trend into the 21st century with boning in or out and experiment with fun colors. Whether you wear your corsets over tops or style them on their own under blazers, they are a great way to add texture to any outfit. 

Pro tip: to edge corsets up, try to wear them with leather. Delicate lace will always look great with hard or soft leather which creates the perfect amount of contrast in an outfit.

4. The 80s are Back!

Find a blazer with a strong shoulder, as the 80s have officially come back. To make the look more modern, opt for personalized tailoring or go for something fully oversized. 

This looks great with a fitted knit dress for the cooler months or you can style it with a bodysuit and baggy dress pants. Either way you wear it, just remember to put your hair up so the shoulders can do all the talking.

5. Luxe Knitwear

Want to update your knitwear? Try wearing a color like orange, teal or pink. For the maximalists, wear a monochromatic look like a pink sweater and pink knit skirt. If you want a hint of color, try an orange sweater with a dark brown trouser or skirt. 

Just be sure to wear one loose item with one fitted piece. That balance will make you look more put together and of the 2020s.

fall fashion trends in the pnw boots wild west

6. Straight to the Wild, Wild West

Pssst… the northwest is IN! Well, the wild west, but we may as well represent. For this fall fashion trend in the Pacific Northwest, think Wrangler jeans with cowboy boots tucked in and crisp button downs. 

To take the trend into nighttime, style your boots with silky button down dresses or add a chiffon top to bootcut blue denim and heels. Cowboy hats suggested but not necessary to complete the look.

fall fashion trends in the pnw wild west

7. Glitz and Glam!

Sequins are everywhere, even on your underwear! This trend is great for holiday parties on a blazer or pair of pants. To fully embrace the trend, try a sequin dress or jumpsuit. 

For even more sparkle, add a metallic heel. If you want an easier way to wear the trend, try a sequin accessory. They still add some shine without committing to an entire garment that you may wear once or twice.

8. Fringe, Fringe Baby

In a similar vein to the western trend, fringe is also back but in unique colors and textures! Think colorful suede, sparkles, and even sequins. 

The easiest way to incorporate fringe is on a jacket, but you can get it on handbags or even dresses. If you want to go full on western, try a fringe button down with flare jeans and cowboy boots. For a more polished take, try a fringe denim jacket with a dress and lug boots.

9. Tanks of All Types

Tanks are taking off. Think fitted tanks, sleeveless sweaters or fitted mock neck tanks. The latter is a great layering hack, it will look like you are wearing a turtleneck under your favorite sweatshirts or sweaters but you don’t have the added bulk. 

Now, if this isn’t your jam, you can always wear them under your favorite jackets or shackets. They will always be a great way to layer up as temperatures dip.

fall fashion trends tanks

10. Borrow Grandma’s Pearls!

Pearls are not just for an older crowd! Whether you wear a pearl headband or a simple pearl hair tie, this is the it-gem of the season. For fall, stick to smaller pearls on your accessories or outfits. Also, for a feminine take on streetwear, consider pearls on things like denim jackets.

If you try any of these trends, be sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #trendingnorthwest! We cannot wait to see how to adapt fall fashion for your particular style. 

If this post overwhelmed you, remember trends are supposed to be a fun way to change up your style. The best thing to do is wear what you feel comfortable in and let today’s popular fashions add to what you already wear.

What fall fashion trends in the Pacific Northwest are you most looking forward to this fall season? Let us know in the comments below!

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