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Dear reader,

First, you should know that I swore off writing these. For the many of you who don’t know, I recently finished a near two-year stint as editor-in-chief of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine, with my last issue in April. So, last month. When I quit, I felt ready to be done. I certainly didn’t anticipate writing a May letter. I would have laughed at the idea or assumed I had found myself in a magazine version of Russian Doll.

But I am a big believer that people come into your life for all kinds of reasons. I encountered Erin Peterson and Melissa Berry for the first time the way many of you probably did: I followed them on social media. I’m originally from a suburb of Chicago, but I moved here in 2015 and I call Spokane home. Getting to know my home better has always been a priority, and these ladies make that a piece of cake.

But I got to know Erin one day because of a post I made. I had to get protection order against an ex, and I asked people who followed him to unfollow me; I was concerned he was learning things about me through other people’s social media accounts. Can I be completely honest with you? I still worry about that. On that day, Erin messaged me and told me she believed me. We became friends, bonding over our histories of scary men. Sad, but true.

Erin Peterson has shown me that this is exactly who she is every day since. So, if you’re reading this magazine because you’re an avid follower of Spokane Guild, and you’ve wondered if the woman in front of the camera is as wonderful in real life, I have an answer for you: She’s a million times better. Same goes for Melissa of Everyday Spokane. They’re real ones.

Despite my swearing off the publishing industry, when Erin and Melissa approached me about this project, it was an enthusiastic yes. And the more we planned, the bigger our dreams for this magazine became. I got to know Melissa better and it became clear that the three of us—while very different—were aligned in the most important ways.

This project started as Trending Spokane—a magazine that would be an offshoot of their already popular podcast. But Melissa was the one who had the moxie to suggest Trending Northwest. I remember the electricity in our meeting at Fellow Coworking when we realized our region doesn’t have its own magazine. Guess what? Now it does.

We also decided early on our content would be shaped around our contributors because we’re a people-first organization. We don’t want you to just skim over bylines; we want you to know our writers.

This first issue should be a great introduction, but we have a lot more up our sleeve. Stick around and find out.

Happy reading!

Megan Rowe

@ megan_rowe_edits

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