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First Friday @ Terrain: Choices Made By Ghosts Reflect My Sensibilities as Well & 3 Tapestries

May 5 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm

Choices Made by Ghosts Reflect My Sensibilities as Well | Rachael Zur

Show Description: We leave more of ourselves behind in the objects in our homes than we anticipate; and in these dated pieces of furniture is the sublime reality that our lives create an echo that lasts beyond our lifetime. The gentle care that allows a 1970s floral pattern sofa to look almost new in a thrift store makes me believe that its owner was gentle in all of their actions. Perhaps the small indentations in a cushion are where a person frequently sat when they sat to watch a favorite TV show while holding a grandchild. To this ghost whom I do not know: I value the tenderness that remains from your lifetime and I pay homage to these actions through my expanded paintings. Choices Made by Ghosts Reflect My Sensibilities as Well, uses familiar themes of domestic spaces coupled with unexpected painting strategies to explore the delicate nature of what remains when a life is over. Hints of the body hug and haunt the humble furniture and domestic objects depicted in this series of work. The viewer is left with fragments that suggest both presence and absence of an individual; the color palette suggests the warmth felt from the individual who is no longer present.

3 Tapestries | Anna Reynolds Wallis

Show Description: From afar these tapestries look like paintings, but as the viewer draws near they are presented with the texture, depth, warmth, and the finished but imperfect edges of knitted and crocheted yarn. Viewers are encouraged to stand up close and examine the rows of stitches, how patches are joined together, where it is tidy and where there are flaws.

Created during the pandemic, there is a visual learning curve where you can see a progression in the stitching from the first tapestry to the last. But whether the neater and tidy stitching improves the quality of the work, is up to the viewer to decide.

628 N Monroe St.
Spokane, Washington 99201 United States
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