Self Care: Reflection and Action

Self Reflection

Self care is a topic that has been talked about for quite some time, but the importance of it really hit home hard for so many when the COVID-19 quarantine began.

Sometimes it’s crazy to think about how much COVID-19 has changed our lives, the way we are still experiencing it and accepting that many things will never be the same. 

One thing’s for sure though, COVID hasn’t stopped the majority of us living busy lives, which inevitably leads to burnout, and then sometimes crashing into a pit of depression. 

That run-ragged lifestyle, paired with COVID’s forced isolations, caused people’s anxiety to skyrocket for many reasons – no wonder self-care has become such a big topic, unique to each person. 

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I reflected upon what kind of work I had put into my own well-being, and it suddenly became clear that I’d been neglecting my needs in many ways. 

With a life as a mother, wife and multi-faceted business owner, it creates a schedule that’s ever-changing; controlled chaos at best. 

I knew something needed to change – I started by reflecting on what no longer serves me, which led to realizing exactly where I’ve been struggling. I wrote down the changes I would like to see to help solidify the idea of change in my life.

There was no better time to start than now

Through a trial-and-error process, and keeping my various moods, needs, energy outputs and time constraints in mind, I’ve found that I need to use a variety of self-care tools to be successful.

This realization has led me to follow the Seven Pillars of Self-Care: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Environmental, Recreational and Spiritual.

I recently began working with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck that we just started carrying at my store, Atomic Threads Boutique.

I complete three-card pulls from the deck, which then inspire creative ways to apply that card’s self-care topic, such as “Energy Work” or “Flow Like Water.” Having this tangible tool has helped me in such a big way, enabling me to discover how not to fight my natural brain path, but instead embrace the process.

Self-Care Recipe Collection 

From this work, I have created a Self-Care Recipe Collection for myself, but which I can lend to others as well. I can add to it at any time and toss out those activities that don’t work for me. 

The skill of self-reflection is not something that comes naturally to many and the act of giving self-care can be pushed off as selfish, frivolous or unnecessary, but when used together it can really help make your life run a little smoother and help reduce your stress level so it’s a little more manageable. 

Below are some of the items in my Self-Care Recipe Collection. Please be aware of the Energy Levels I’ve assigned to each: 

In both my personal and professional life, I’ve been in phases of change and transition. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing grounding me and I begin spiraling – But then I remind myself that I have tools to help me; I just have to use them. 

Whether it’s bubble baths and quiet time, listening to your favorite song and having a personal dance party, or getting that overdue health checkup, saying no to taking on more than you should or delegating the work load as needed, going for a run or trying something new – whatever self-care looks like to you, instead of stewing in your own stress, do something for yourself!

Looking over the Self-Care Recipe Collection, which item(s) will you choose to participate in? Reach out and let us know!

Be kind to yourself and find your joy because you deserve it!

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